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Air Quality Meter PCE-HT 422

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Air Quality Meter for temperature, relative humidity, CO2, TVOC and light intensity / 4GB memory / Power over Ethernet / MQTT / Email alarm / HTTP / FTP
The air quality meter is used to measure and store environmental data such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2 content and TVOC concentration. The air quality meter also calculates the dew point, absolute humidity and the water vapor content in the air. The air quality meter is used for stationary monitoring of laboratories, greenhouses, medicine and food stores, museums, etc. The data measured and calculated by the air quality meter are stored in the internal memory and can be called up via Ethernet and sent to the user. In addition to storing the measurement data, the air quality meter can send alarms by email or display them on a website. The air quality meter can be supplied via a power supply unit or autonomously via Power over Ethernet. An internal battery is built into the air quality meter to buffer the memory and the settings.
In addition to the built-in Ethernet interface, the air quality meter also has an RS485 interface available to the user. This can be addressed via Modbus RTU. The user can communicate with the air quality meter via Modbus TCP / IP, HTTP, FTP via the Ethernet interface. A web and FTP server as well as a DHCP and SMTP client complete the functionality of the air quality meter's network interface.



- Temperature measuring range (-20 ... +60 °C)
- Relative humidity measuring range (0 ... 95%)
- CO2, TVOC and light measurement
- Ethernet interface (PoE compatible)
- Alarm (acoustic, email, visual)
- 4 GB memory
- Adjustable sampling / storage rate
- FTP, HTTP server


Measured variable Air humidity
Measuring range 0 ... 95% r.H.
Accuracy ± 3 % of reading (10 .. 90 %)
± 5 % of other
Resolution -
Measured variable Temperature
Measuring range -20 ... 60 °C
Accuracy ± 0.6 °C (10 ... 40 °C)
± 1 °C of other
Resolution -
Measured variable Illuminance
Measuring range 0 ... 60000 lx
Accuracy -
Resolution -
Measured variable TVOC
Measuring range 0 ... 60000 ppb
Accuracy -
Resolution 1 ppb (0 ... 2008 ppb)
6 ppb (... 11110 ppb)
32 ppb (... 60000 ppb)
Measured variable CO2
Measuring range 400... 60000 ppm
Accuracy -
Resolution 1 ppm (400 ..1479ppm)
3 ppm (... 5144 ppm)
9 ( ...17597 ppm)
31 ppm ( .. 60000 ppm)
Measured variables dew point absolute humidity
saturated steam pressure, enthalpy
Interface RS485 (Modbus RTU)
Ethernet Modbus TCP, HTTP, FTP, MQTT
Memory 4 GB
Power supply DC power pack 6 V / 1 A
PoE IEEE 802.3af
Power consumption < 2 VA
Warm-up time 15 minutes
Operating conditions -20 ... 60°/ 95% r.H
Degree of protection IP20
Mounting Rear mounting hole for
Wall mounting, sensor facing down
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 25 mm
Weight 300 g


1 x Air Quality Meter PCE-HT 422
1 x instruction manual

Note: The power supply unit must be selected as an option!

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