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FELIX F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer

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FELIX   F-900


Felix F-900 Portable Ethylene (C2H4) Produce Gas Analyzer 0-10ppm/0-200ppm auto selection of Electrochemical Sensor and PolarCept filter technology, Ethylene lower detection limit 25ppb. Enables trace measurement in any location. Optional CO2 and O2 measurement with extra sensors. Rechargeable battery and LCD Display. Continuous Monitoring. 4-20 mA Analog, gas valve and alarm Digital Outputs.


The lightweight design and simple operation of the F-900 enables trace measurements of ethylene concentration in any location.

From cold storage to ripening rooms, the F-900 provides accurate measurement across an unparalleled range of ethylene concentrations (0-200 ppmv), with superior low-range resolution (1 ppbv).

Includes two Ethylene sensors 0-10ppm and 0-200ppm, the instrument switches between the two sensors depending on the C2H4 values.

The F-900 utilizes electrochemical sensors and proprietary PolarCept TM filtering technology to remove other hydrocarbons from the airstream, allowing measurements of ethylene to be made in under five minutes.

Optional accessories extend the use of the instrument to measure small volume samples (Injection Port Kit), for isolated measurements from a single fruit (Research Kit), and for the measurement of other gases (CO2 and O2).

Product Features

  • High ethylene sensitivity (Resolution of 1 ppbv)
  • Broad operating range (0-45 o C; 0-90% RH)
  • Internal data logging and storage (4GB SD card)
  • PolarCeptTM filter to remove non-ethylene compounds

Continuous Monitoring

For understanding daily changes of ethylene in any environment

Real-time Flux from Fruits

For studying ripeness and fruit maturation processes

GC Emulation Mode

For small-volume snapshots of ethylene concentration (requires optional accessories)

Analog & Digital Output

For communication with external devices

Injection Port Kit

The Injection Port Kit, (an optional accessory) employs a unique Flow Inject Analysis method (patent pending) to determine ethylene concentrations ranging from 0.5-200 ppmv with sample volumes from 3-13mL. Similar to gas chromatography, a simple estimation, accurate up to ± 0.1 ppmv, is made by comparing the area counts of the unknown sample to a known concentration.

Optional Sensors

Not only can you accurately monitor trace ethylene concentrations with the F-900, we also offer additional sensors for other gases. See back page for specifications.

Terminal Block

The removable, 4-20mA, terminal block allows the instrument to control user-supplied devices that regulate ethylene concentrations in a room. The digital and analog outputs can be used to trigger alarms, turn on exhaust fans, enable a gas valve, relay data, or for external monitoring purposes.


F-900 Specifications
Air Sampling Rate 0.2 Liters/minute
Measuring Rate 1 second intervals, open or closed loop
Display Sunlight visible transflective LCD
Operating Environment 0°C - 45°C; 0-90% humidity non-condensing
Battery Capacity 4 hours - Rechargeable Li-Ion (5000 mAh)
Dimensions 183.5mm x 111mm x 120mm
Weight 6Kg/14Lbs
Enclosure Anodized aluminum
Warm-up Time 5 minutes
C2H4 PPB Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type Electrochemical
Range 0-2 ppm
Resolution 0.001 ppm
Accuracy ±10%
Lower Detection Limit 0.04 ppm
Offset Recalibration Daily
Span Recalibration Weekly
C2H4 PPM Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type Electrochemical
Range 0-200 ppm
Resolution 0.1 ppm
Accuracy ±5%
Lower Detection Limit 0.04 ppm
Offset Recalibration Bi-annually
Span Recalibration Bi-annually
CO2 PPM Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type Low-Power Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzer
Range 0-2000 ppm
Resolution 0.1 ppmv
Accuracy ±2%
Offset Recalibration Daily
Span Recalibration Bi-annually
CO2 PCT Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type Infrared Sensor, Pyroelectric detector
Range 0-20%
Resolution 0.01%
Accuracy ±1.5%
O2 Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type Eletrochemical
Range 0-100%
Resolution 0.1%


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