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HANNA Skin and Scalp pH Tester - HI981037

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Skin and Scalp pH Tester - HI981037
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Skin and Scalp pH Tester - HI981037

The HI981037 Skin & Scalp pH Tester is designed to measure the pH of the skin and scalp. The built-in probe features an open reference junction, flat tip, and uses a non-flowing gelled reference electrolyte making it ideal for measuring the pH of surface of skin & scalp

  • ±0.05 pH accuracy
  • Specialized electrode for spot checking the pH of skin and scalp
  • Comes with everything necessary to start measuring right away

The pH of the skin is slightly acidic at a pH of approximately 5. Having an acidic pH helps to protect against harmful bacteria and fungi while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Disruption of the skin pH can lead to or amplify skin disorders. Many skin care products and soaps are made to be pH balanced so that the product does not alter the pH of skin outside a desirable range.

The HI981037 Skin & Scalp pH Tester is designed to measure the pH of the skin and scalp. It features a single button operation system and is easy to use. It has a compact and waterproof casing, and automatic pH calibration at one or two points.

HI981037 Skin & Scalp pH Tester

Electrode features:

The flat tip of the pH electrode provides optimal contact between the skin or scalp, and the sensor. The pH electrode has an open junction design and utilizes a non-flowing gelled reference electrolyte. The flat tip allows the pH sensing surface and reference junction come into contact with the skin or scalp, and equilibrate quickly and reproducibly.

  •  Flat glass tip: The flat tip provides optimal surface contact for skin or scalp pH measurements, and for surfaces that cannot be penetrated.
  • Specialized glass formulation: Specialized low temperature (LT) pH glass ensures fast stabilization and accurate results at lower temperatures.
  • Open junction reference: The open junction design uses a solid gel interface between the skin or scalp, and internal Ag/AgCl reference. This interface not only prevents silver from exiting the junction, but also makes it impermeable to clogging, resulting in a fast response and stable reading. This design allows for smaller sample sizes as there is no junction to submerge

HI981037 Skin & Scalp pH Tester

We believe that buying a tester should be simple. Your Skin & Scalp pH Tester is equipped with everything you need for successful testing right out of the box.

Cleaning and Disinfection Solution

Your Skin pH Tester comes with all the required solution like cleaning and disinfection solution for skin residual.

pH 4 and pH 7

When performing a pH calibration it is important that the correct buffers are used. We include some start buffers to get you going. The single-use sachets are individually sealed so you use fresh buffer each time you calibrate.

Storage Solution

Proper storage of your electrode will ensure reliable measurements and a long electrode life. Our storage solution is specially formulated to keep the pH glass hydrated while minimizing organic growth.

Features at-a-glance

Large LCD

  • Displays the measurement reading, stability indicator, low battery indicator, and calibration tags.

Automatic Calibration

  • This pH tester is calibrated automatically to one or two points. Buffers are recognized automatically and after calibration, buffer values used are shown on the display.
Stability Indicator
  • An hourglass indicator is displayed on the LCD until a stable reading is obtained.

Automatic Shut-off

  • The meter can be set to automatically turn off after 8 minutes or 60 minutes to conserve battery life in the event that the meter is left on. The auto-off feature can also be disabled.

Probe Diagnostic

  • During calibration the meter will display error (Err) message as an indicator that the probe needs to be cleaned.

Low Battery Indicator

  • The skin & scalp pH tester has an exceptional battery life of approximately 1000 hours. When the battery power is running low, a low battery indicator is displayed.

Specifications :


SKU HI981037
Product Name Skin and Scalp pH Tester - HI981037
Quote Required Yes
pH Range 0.00 to 12.0 pH
pH Resolution 0.01pH
pH Accuracy ±0.05 pH @ 25 °C / 77 °F
pH Calibration automatic one or two-point calibration
pH Electrode pH electrode with flat tip and open junction for surface measurements
Automatic Shut-Off user selectable
Battery Type/Life CR2032 lithium ion battery (1) / approximately 1000 hours of continuous use
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH 95% max
Dimensions 50 x 151 x 21 mm (2 x 5.9 x 0.9”)
Weight 44 g (1.6 oz.)
Ordering Information HI981037 is supplied with pH 4.01 buffer solution sachet (2), pH 7.01 buffer solution sachet (2), cleaning and disinfection solution sachet for skin residuals, electrode cleaning solution sachet for skin grease and sebum, electrode storage solution (13 mL), CR2032 3V Li-ion battery, quality certificate, and instruction manual.



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