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AEMC Hand-held Oscilloscope Model OX 9304 IV

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Hand-held Oscilloscope Model OX 9304 IV
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Hand-held Oscilloscope Model OX 9304 IV

The Model OX 9304 Oscilloscope is a rugged, ergonomic, self-contained, hand-held, four-channel oscilloscope with 300MHz bandwidth, 4 channel DMM 8000 cts, FFT function and recording mode, and power measurement.

Large touch screen 7” color LCD display

Ideal for both laboratory and field use, the Model OX 9304 utilizes the patented system of “plug-and-play” accessories, individual isolation of each of the measurement channels, and a range of remote management capabilities. The Ethernet link and Wi-Fi lets you remotely control the oscilloscope without loading any software to your PC. Android App available to download from Google play store.

Specifications :

Inputs / Bandwidth Isolated channels
Input Impedance 1MΩ ± 0.5%, approx. 12pF
Screen Specifications Color 7" WVGA TFT LCD touch screen, 800 x 480
Display Mode Vectors with interpolation - 2500 real acquisition points on screen
Traces On Screen 4 Traces + 4 References (split screen and full screen modes)
Front Panel Control 32 keys
Screen Control Touch screen - ANDROID type icons and graphical commands
Vertical Sensitivity 16 ranges from 2.5mV - 200V/div and up to 156µV/div om vertical zoom mode (12-bit converter) - Accuracy ±2%
Max Input Voltage 600V/CAT III (1000V per Probix) – from 50 to 400 Hz - Probix connectors
Vertical Zoom "One click Winzoom" system (direct graphical zoom onscreen) x 16 max
Time Base Speed 35 ranges from 1ns/div. to 200s/div. - accuracy ±[50 ppm + 500 ps] - Roll mode from 100 ms to 200 s/div
Horizontal Zoom "One click Winzoom" system (direct graphical zoom onscreen) x 100 max
Mode Auto, Triggered, One-shot, Auto-level 50% on all channels
Type Edge, Pulse width (16ns - 20s), delay (48ns - 20s), counting (3 to 16,384 events)
Continuous adjustment of Trigger position
Coupling AC, DC GND, HFR, LFR, noise - Level and Hold-Off adjustable from 64ns to 15s
Autoset Complete <5s with recognition of channels - Frequency >30Hz
Cursors Two or three cursors: V and T with auto measurement: T1, T2, Dt, 1/Dt, dBV, Ph
Max. Sampling Rate 2.5GS/s in one-shot mode on each channel (100GS/s max. in ETS mode) 12 bits resolution
Memory Depth 100kpts per channel and file viewer in the manager
Memory Capacity Internal = 1GB to store the files: trace, text, configuration, math functions, System memory: .pdf print files, .png image files
+ high-capacity removable microSD-Card: SD 2GB, SDHC 4-32GB and SDXC >32GB
GLITCH Mode Duration ≤ 2ns – 500,000 Min/Max pairs
Display Modes Envelope, vector, accumulation -, averaging (factors 2 to 64) - XY (vector) and Y(f)=FFT
FFT Analyzer & Math Functions FFT (Lin or Log) with measurement cursors - Functions, +, - x, / and mathematical function editor
Automatic Measurement Simultaneously with waveform, 20 automatic measurements per channel and on the 4 channels simultaneously with scroll
Multimeter Mode 4 channels, 8000 counts + Min/Max/Frequency/relative – TRMS – Time stamp graphic recording in logger mode
AC, DC, AC+DC Voltages 600mV to 600VRMS, 800mV to 800VDC: accuracy 0.5% Bandwidth 200kHz
Power and PF Active, Reactive, and Apparent power values plus Power Factor simultaneously with the U & I measurements
Resistance, Temperature, Capacitance, Frequency,  and Diode Test on channel 1 only
Acquisition Duration: 20,000s - Interval: 0.2s - Files: 100,000 measurements
Harmonic Analyzer Mode
Multi-Channel Analysis 2, up to 61st, fundamental from 40 to 450Hz in auto or manual mode
Simultaneous measurement Total Vrms, THD and selected order (% fundamental, phase, frequency, Vrms)
Interface Isolated USB, WiFi, and Ethernet, SD micro card for direct transfer to PC. Web server/client with cursor and automatic measurements
Batteries Rechargeable Li-Ion 6,900mAh 40W battery pack, External charger
Charging Time 98 to 264VAC (50/60Hz) 2 hours when OFF
Battery life Approx. 8 hours
Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.5 x 8.29 x 2.6” (292.5 x 210.6 x 66.2mm)
Weight 4.7 lbs. (2.1kg)
Altitude Operating 2000m (6560ft)
Operating Temperature 32° to 104°F (0 to 40°C) ≤80% RH
Storage Temperature -4° to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
IP Rating IP54 per IEC 60529
Safety IEC/EN 61010-2-30 (1000V CAT II; 600V CAT III), IEC 1326-1


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