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BOECO Autoclave BTE-23D

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BOECO Autoclave BTE-23D
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BOECO Autoclave BTE-23D

BOECO Autoclave BTE-23D



  • Three times fractionated pre-vacuum
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • LCD display
  • Equipped with high quality and high performance pump
  • 1 tray holder, 1 tray handle and 3 trays included
  • High quality water pump and valves
  • Independent steam generator
  • Two samples self-calibration
  • Overhead type water storage tank, easy to clean.
  • Drying procedure: Dry by vacuum.
  • Sterilization temperature: 121°C and 134°C
  • Test programs: Helix test, B&D test and Vacuum test.
  • Sterilization cycles:
    9 cycles are available and 3 test programs.
  • It only have several buttons, very easy to use, any people can run it easily.
  • All cycles are fully automatic; there is no need for human intervention in cycle management.
  • Pressure protection locking system that ensures the door will not be opened once there is any pressure in chamber.
  • Sterilization documentation: Integrated Micro Printer and USB port to store
    the information of the programme cycle in flash memory.
  • The sterilization time and dry time can be adjusted by manual, ensure user obtain best sterilization effects according to private requirements.
  • Malfunction detection system, corresponding error code will be showed on the display once there’s something goes wrong.


  • Warning system prevents starting a cycle if door is not properly locked.
  • Triple Threat Protection for overheating and overpressure.
    The pressure protection system will automatically cut off the electricity supply once the temperature of chamber inside is abnormally. Motorola pressure sensor is used to accurately sense the state of pressure inside chamber.
    Temperature control system is using high quality PT1000 temperature sensor, it is high precision, reliable service and prompt measure, ensure accurate and timely transmission of temperature fluctuation.
    The safety valve will release steam in case the pressure inside chamber exceed normal levels.

Technical Information:

  • Conform to CE and EN13060
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 norms
  • Chamber Size: ø 247 x 460 mm (23 L)
  • External dimension: 690 x 480 x 455 mm, Netweight 51 kg
  • Packing box 750x560x460 mm, Grossweight 58 kg
  • Power: 220V, 50/60 Hz or 110V, 60HZ


Program Temperature Pressure Sterilization time Total time
SOLID 134 134°C 2.1 bar 4 min 25-45 min
SOLID 121 121°C 1.1 bar 20 min 35-60 min
LIQUID 134 134°C 2.1 bar 10 min 35-60 min
LIQUID 121 121 °C 1.1 bar 30 min 35-60 min
WRAPPED 134 134°C 2.1 bar 4 min 35-60 min
WRAPPED 121 121°C 1.1 bar 20 min 35-60 min
TEXTILE 134 (or wrapped) 134°C 2.1 bar 6 min 45-65 min
TEXTILE 121 (or wrapped) 121°C 1.1 bar 20 min 50-70 min
PRION 134°C 2.1 bar 18 min 45-70 min
B&D TEST 134°C 2.1 bar 3.5 min 15-20 min
Helix TEST 134°C 2.1 bar 3.5 min 22-35 min
Vacuum TEST - - - 15-20 min
Code Description
BOE 8902300 BOECO BTE-23D Bench Top Autoclave, Vol. 23 l. incl 1 tray holder, 1 tray handle and 3 trays,
micro printer and USB port, 220V, 50/60Hz
BOE 8902310 BOECO BTE-23D as above but for 110 V, 60 Hz


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