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BOECO Multiparameter Model MBT-700

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BOECO Multiparameter Model MBT-700
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BOECO Multiparameter Model MBT-700

BOECO Multiparameter Model MBT-700


The properties of the BOECO Multiparameter pH/ORP/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/Temperature Bench Top Meter Model MBT-700

  • LCD with backlight showing pH / ORP or Conductivity / TDS / Salinity and temperature readings
  • Two channel measurement allows measuring ph/ORP and Conductivity/TDS/Salinity simultaneously
  • Up to 5 point calibration for pH and one point calibration for conductivity
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Automatic buffer recognition (NIST and USA)
  • Bluetooth function to connect to tablets. APP Name: BOECO E-CHem MBT-700 (App Store / Googleplay)
  • When the unit is connected to a bluetooth device, the user can store data into the device that meets GLP requirements.

The MBT-700 will be delivered incl. the following standard accessories:
1 x ATC probe,
each 1 x 500 ml Buffer solution pH 4,01, pH 7,00
1 x AC adaptor,
1 x operating manual,
1 x flexible electrode holder

Conductivity K = 0,475
Range Resolution Accuracy
0,0 to 475µS/cm 0,1µS/cm ±0,5% Full Scale
475 to 4750µS/cm 1µS/cm ±0,5% Full Scale
4,75 to 47,50mS/cm 0,01mS/cm ±0,5% Full Scale
47,5 to 200,0mS/cm 0,1mS/cm ±0,5% Full Scale


Conductivity K = 0,1
Range Resolution Accuracy
0.00 to 99,99µS/cm 0,01µS/cm ±0,5% Full Scale
100 to 200µS/cm 0,1µS/cm ±0,5% Full Scale


TDS Range Resolution Accuracy
0,001mg/l to 200,0g/l 0,01/0,1/1mg/l ±0,5% Full Scale

0.01/0,1 g/l

Salinity Range Resolution Accuracy
0.0 to 80,0 ppt 0,1 ppt ±0,5 % Full Scale


mV Range Resolution Accuracy
-1999,9 to 1999,9 mV 0,01 mV ±0,05% Full Scale


Conductivity Calibration: 1 point in each range
ATC Auto / manual 0,0 to 120°C
Input impedance: >3x10
Temperature sensor: Thermistor, 10K ohms at 25°C
Memory: When the unit is connected to a bluetooth device, the user can store data into the device that meets GLP requirements
pH electrode connection: BNC
Conductivity cell connection: 8 PIN connector
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Power requirement: 6 x 1,5 Volt AAA Alkaline batteries or AC adaptor
Dimensions (LxWxH): 210 x 150 x 45 mm


Code Description
BOE 5197700 Bench Top pH/mV/Ion/Temp Meter, Model MBT-700, AC adaptor, with standard accessories

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